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On-Site Training

On-Site Training

At We R CPR, we realize the importance of what we do; and we understand that its not always convenient for business owners and their staff to leave their facility .  That’s why we are glad to come to you  for your training. We R CPR will conduct  customized onsite training for any business,  group or organization that has a minimum of 5 people .

We R CPR will develop your training to meet the needs of your objectives. Our on-site training can be incorporated into your business, group or organization strategic plan. Convenience all the way for our clients. We track when renewals are needed as well as provide updated materials if necessary upon completion of training.

Research has proven that On-Site Training is one of the most cost effective ways to meet training requirements. We R CPR Instructors will bring all of the necessary equipment with us to teach the class. Our Instructors are skilled in their knowledge and, can provide on going consultation if that’s preferred by our clients.  We R CPR On-Site Training provides value and efficiency while assuring your business, group or organization is compliant with necessary Training Requirements.

Contact us at 423-553-0400 so we can discuss your specific training needs or for further information.