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Where is We R CPR located?
When do I get my card?
Why do I have to prepay for my class?
I missed a class, do I have to pay to reschedule to join another class?

No, you can just give us a call at 423.553.0400 and register for  another class. However, we cannot sustain unlimited reschedules, so every student gets 1 reschedule within 3 months. After that it is a 50% class cost to reschedule again.

Can I cancel a class?
Can I pay for a class on the day of the class?
Can We R CPR teach a class at my facility?
I need to get a class now. Can I have a personal class?
What is included in my course fees?
When should I schedule a class?
Can I just do the skills test at We R CPR?
How long do certifications last?