Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness First Aid is an extensive 16 hour course comprised of 2- 8 hour classes. Designed for all levels of outdoor enthusiasts, who have an interest in medical care. Knowing what to do in an emergency situation is vital to your safety and potentially survival. YOU could be the person your group needs to help, can you do it? You can if know what to do, and this course is designed to give you that knowledge.

Wilderness First Aid will cover everything from snake bites and heat exhaustion to hypoxia and shock. This course will teach you not only what to do in an emergency situation, but how to do it,when to do it, and why you’re doing it. Knowing this will allow you to assist in an emergency situation with confidence and skill until you can get to safety and seek medical attention as needed. This course will simulate situations likely to occur in the outdoors. Scenarios will be implemented during class that require class participants to reherse and replicate what they have learned prior to receiving certification. Classes are held in Chattanooga off site from our office so that the great outdoors Chattanooga offers is readily available for “real life” simulation scenarios, rehersal and replication. Instructors will inquire with participants at the beginning of class what situations they have been in where techniques in Wilderness First Aid could have been useful! We make it as real and relevant for our participants. Everyday people who like the outdoors as well, this course is designed for you too. Classes start at 8:30am currently at Audubon Acres, Chattanooga.

Pre Registration is required- online at wercpr.com or call 423-553-0400.

PLEASE NOTE: CPR AND FIRST AID CERTIFICATION is required prior to taking this course.