EKG – 12 Lead ECG Interpretation

Level III – 12 Lead ECG Interpretation – 8 hours

Unlike the Level I and Level II courses, this course will introduce and familiarize the student with basic 12 lead ECG interpretation. The student will become familiar with the parts of the 12 lead, how to place electrodes for the 12 lead, and how to approach interpretation. Information covered will include but is not limited to rhythm identification, axis identification, R wave progression, ST elevated myocardial infarction (STEMI), left and right bundle branch blocks (LBBB/RBBB), other STEMI mimickers, basic treatments, etc. It is expected students already have at least an intermediate understanding of 3 lead ECG interpretation. It is recommended, but NOT required, that the student take Level I and Level II ECG Interpretation, assuming the student can pass the pre-course exam that is required for all who wish to take the 12 lead ECG course. Students must pass the pre-course exam with a score of 70% or greater to take the 12 lead ECG course.