EKG – Intermediate ECG Interpretation

Level II – Intermediate ECG Interpretation – 6 hours

The focus of this course is twofold. Students in the healthcare field who are being required or will be required soon to take ACLS and/or PALS may want to consider this course as preparation/review for the aforementioned courses. Providers with a previous understanding of basic ECG interpretation may consider taking this course for review and/or to deepen their current knowledge. This course also serves as a bridge to the 12-lead ECG course. Students with little or no knowledge of ECG interpretation should take the Level I – Basic ECG Interpretation course first before considering this course as it will build off the previous. Students will come to a more in-depth understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the heart and electrophysiology. Students will begin to interpret more advanced rhythms and abnormalities still focused on the 3-lead view. This course will also begin to introduce clinical treatment of certain rhythms to include electrical and pharmacological interventions.