Bleeding Control

Massive Blood loss is one of the biggest killers of trauma. Our Bleeding Control Course is focused on teaching everyday men and women how to identify and control blood loss. Students will learn how to use the M.A.R.C.H.E. acronym to properly aid in trauma care. The primary focus for this course will be controlling bleeding, but we will also provide instruction on basic airway management techniques, checking and recording vitals, hypothermia prevention, and much more. This course was brought to fruition by our instructors utilizing their experiences in the medical field and military. This course follows current TCCC/TECC guidelines. We have scaled the training information down in order to instruct everyday citizens with little, or no medical background in basic trauma care. We R CPR strives to provide education and hands-on experience to responsible members of the community. We want community members to have the confidence and ability to respond to traumatic events in hopes that no lives are lost to the most common preventable causes of death. The course can also be combined with our CPR/AED course for when resuscitation is needed.