AVERT Workplace Safety

AVERT Training-Active violence incidents can happen anywhere, from office settings to healthcare facilities to sporting venues and places of worship. Therefore, all businesses and institutions need to have an emergency action plan and have trained responders. HSI recently launched new training to empower people to respond appropriately during an active violence emergency.

AVERT, short for Active Violence Emergency Response Training, goes beyond active shooter training by also teaching emergency bleeding control techniques. While other training programs focus solely on active shooter or stop-bleeding training. AVERT combines both topics so you get two sets of skills-active shooter response and emergency bleeding control in one training. AVERT uses a blended online and in-person training environment. The online portion of the class will need to be completed prior to the scheduled in-person class.

AVERT is a hands-on class that works to build muscle memory and retain life-saving knowledge. Our instructors will also conduct a risk assessment of your workplace to help develop a plan of action and point out weak points (ie security risks) in the building itself. We will also provide in-depth training for business leadership and students on developing a Workplace Violence Response Team. The course addition will discuss identifying violent behavior and the correct reporting process. Our hope is to curve future violent actions by teaching others to confidently identify and report alarming behaviors.

Workplace Violence (WPV) Course

Violence can be a health and or safety hazard in any workplace. The potential to have a WPV act take place in a business is always present and we should learn how to protect first the employee, customers, and then the business. The WPV can take place while at another business, and the training is relevant to either of the businesses. We will teach each student how to recognize early warning signs of WPV, and how to help prevent a situation from worsening. We will teach each student how to potentially protect themselves and others from injury or death.

Who should attend this WPV course?

  • Owners of the Business
  • Management Team
  • Employees: new as part of onboarding and existing yearly
  • Volunteers


This WPV course provides practical information for helping to prevent workplace violence. The student will be taught workplace violence prevention measures and ways to identify risk factors associated with workplace violence. When finished with the WPV course, the student will have been provided with the information needed for responding or leaving a WPV in a safe manner.

Topics discussed:​

  • WPV Plan
  • Classifications of WPV
  • Plan Exercise
  • Prevention Strategies
  • Threat Review Team
  • Stress Management during the Crisis and afterward

For more information about the course, call our office to discuss if this class is right for you.